I don't have any tattoos, nor do I have any interest.

My wife has several, and that's cool; they look good on her and have significant meaning to her. But I just have no desire to ink my body with something that's going to look unflattering -- I suspect -- when I'm 80 years old.

If, however, I was going to get a tattoo, it would be something extremely thoughtful and meaningful. So I was shocked when I saw a question posted to reddit asking if there were any tattoo gumball machines in Minnesota.

Does Minnesota have any tattoo parlours with a gumball machine that picks your tattoo for you?

Someone in the comment section echoed my own thoughts, "Why would this be a thing?" Apparently, "it's fun," AND -- turns out -- not only is there one in Minnesota, but there's one right here in St. Cloud!

"Yes, Olde Town Tattoo in St. Cloud," someone else replied in the comments. "They have posted about it on their Instagram." Sure enough, I found Old Town Tattoo on Instagram and videos of their gumball-style tattoo machine!

I mean, it's a cool concept, I guess, but there's absolutely no way I'd ever get a tattoo this way! Would you? Have you? If you wanna stop in and try it out for yourself, Olde Town Tattoo is located at 16 21st Ave S and open Monday-Saturday noon-7pm.

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