There isn't a business out there that doesn't want attention. Some would argue good or bad, attention is attention and as long as someone is talking about you that is what matters most.

I really wish I was in the meeting that decided this slogan for a Minnesota business!

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As you can see with the post title "You Stay Classy, MN" the author @DjentleArt is poking a little fun at how classy it actually isn't. But lets be honest, you know they are getting views and website hits with a billboard like that. I mean there is a whole conversation going on about it on reddit. Which I highly recommend reading a few of the comments, because they get as creative as the billboard does. For example one person wrote:

Do they take their time getting the job done, or do they finish too soon?

Many others had a thing or two too say, with most not being offended by the billboard and finding it clever and hilarious like me.

Also, being the curious person I am I did have to do a little more research and Sherman Pole Buildings is located out of Mora, Minnesota in Central Minnesota and has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. But the billboard alone, proves to me that they have a sense of humor and is a business I would want to work with if ever I was in need of a pole building.

The conversation also brought up that there have been a few humorous or maybe questionable (depends on your opinion) billboards throughout Minnesota. A few good ones I can think of off hand include


Pass it when going through Melrose, MN. It's been there for years and might be the most iconic one I know about.

But I was also told about a towing company in Ham Lake, MN that is called Camel Towing and their slogan is

There's no TOW like a Camel TOW.

That too was on a billboard for quite a while, but doesn't sound like it is anymore.

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I could probably go on and on about funny billboards, but after those I am at a loss for other memorable ones that have been in Minnesota. To which then brings up the question again is this the best or worst billboard you've ever seen? It's a matter of opinion really and to me "Quality Erections" might be the funniest I've seen so far...but I'm always open to you sending me what you believe is the best or the worst.

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