6 years ago I moved to St. Cloud for my career in radio. The job market in Michigan had already started to lose strength and the economy soon to follow. I never thought in a million years that I would stay longer than 2 years, but employment in an unstable economy will beat out desires to be in a warm climate every time.

With a national unemployment average of 9% and Minnesota's rate 6.8%, the conversation at the dinner table tonight may start with "Who wants to move to North Dakota?"

Oil Well

"Most acutely needed: doctors, nurses and other health-care workers, as well as salespeople, from retail clerks to insurance agents. The western part of North Dakota, in the midst of an oil boom, is desperate for welders and engineers. Even truck drivers, who posted nearly 11% unemployment in 2010 nationally, are hard to find."

Ironically, I talked to an unemployed trucker friend of mine the other day and he mentioned he was relocating to North Dakota for a job.

We will miss my truck driver friend...but I definitely understand the statement "Gotta do what you gotta do"

Welcome To Fargo

For more on the jobs in North Dakota, read about it from our friends at The Wall Street Journal

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