A new survey from Career Builder made a list of the top 10 things that we won't live without, even if we can't afford it. Food? Heat? Who needs that. These are the things that you and I are unwilling to give up, EVEN if we can't really afford it. We'll work extra jobs just to keep these things...We will avoid going to the grocery store..We'll walk to work...Just don't take away the things that keep us sane.

The list includes:

  • The Internet. 54% of people said they'd never give it up, no matter what. Hmmm....HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU? In my case, it provides me an income. So if you're going to keep it, make it make money for you.
  • Your phone...53% won't live without their phone. Well...First of all...If you have a family, and DON'T have a landline, you NEED a phone...HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU? Get a phone with internet, and can your internet service. Yo your home internet service. Emergencies? Heck, Your phone can serve as a flashlight in a blackout.This is something that to me IS a necessity?!
  • Driving. If you live close enough to walk to work...would you?
  • Pets. Would you give up your pet? I get why people don't. I won't either. If you can't afford to go on vacations, something has to bring you enjoyment. My dog and cat are stress relieving family members.
  • Cable TV.  Yep.  Goodbye. We can do without. HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU?  Keep your phone with a hotspot. That way you can get rid of your home internet service...and your cable, because you can access the internet and your television viewing options on your phone.
  • Pets?  Pets?  Pets are what keep us alive when we have not the funds to travel, or buy cars and clothes.Keep your pets...They aren't a throw away...they are family members. You wouldn't give up your kids would you?
  • Going out to eat.  Okay...Yes. Give it up.
  • Traveling....Okay..Give it up.
  • College Education. This is the LAST thing you should give up..BUT you should research to see what you can make in a particular field before you get students loans for a job that you have unrealistic salary expectations from.
  • Buying gifts. Yep.  Good bye gifts. If you can't afford it, send them a card, and well wishes. A good friend or family member is going to understand if you can't buy a gift. Maybe offer them your time, have the kids draw a picture, have a picnic, or just visit.
  • Alcohol. I would and DO give it up. But Coffee is my replacement. A lot cheaper.

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