I love cats and kittens as much as the next person, but not near my food. Minneapolis is home to a cat cafe called 'Cafe Meow'. The idea is that you can order locally made treats and merchandise in one side of their cafe and then take it to the second area they call the 'cat lounge' and enjoy your goodies next to the animals.

It's actually kind of a cool concept, and yes, they don't make the food by the cats, so don't worry. You won't have any cat hairs sneaking into your food, if that's what you're worried about.


There are anywhere from 10-15 cats hanging out at the lounge at a time from their local no-kill rescue partners. These fur babies are all up for adoption. So if you're looking to adopt a cat, you can sit down and enjoy your coffee while getting to know them a little bit. Or, if you're just a cat lover who wants to hang out with the cats, that's fine too!

The cat lounge is $10 purr person...purr hour according to The Cafe Meow website. If you're thinking about adopting a fur baby, you can check out their feline profile on the cafe's website. Now, we just need to figure out how to get one of these cafes in St. Cloud!

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