This past Saturday, Jay and I stopped at a restaurant in St. Paul. I won't mention which one, but it's right down the street from the Xcel Energy Center on West 7th. Not sure we'll ever stop there again.

The food was great and our server was pleasant. So what made the difference in our decision to not go back? The lack of consideration.

There were several people dining on the patio, but we decided to sit in the bar so we could watch the Twins game. There were TV's everywhere. Several of them, including the big screen had the Twins game on with sound. It was perfect.

Then, without a word, almost every TV in the room was changed to the World Cup. But let me back up. Aside from one guy sitting at the end of the bar talking to the server, we were the ONLY customers in the bar. And, the soccer match wasn't on yet. Just a couple of guys talking about it.

Nobody said a word to us. Nobody asked us if we were watching the game, which we clearly were. The channels were changed, the general manager walked right past us several times, and went back to his booth to eat his lunch. Not a word. Not a nod. Nothing.

We did ask him later if he knew we were watching the Twins game. His answer? "We've really been into the World Cup."   Uh-okay, but we're the ONLY customers right now. The match doesn't start for another 45 minutes.  There's nobody watching the TV's except us.  And you. Who wins? Apparently the general manager.

He asked us if we wanted him to turn it back to the game. He shouldn't have had to ask.  The big screen did go back to the Twins game, with the sound of the two guys talking about the World Cup that hadn't started yet still coming through the speakers.

I rarely let that kind of stuff bother me. And maybe if there had been a few other people having lunch in the bar, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But it came down to being completely disregarded as a customer. Hopefully they don't treat everyone that way.

We still left a good tip for our server. I felt sorry for her.