For the second year in a row, the world's longest multi-day skateboarding race will see skateboarders of all skill levels racing their way through Central/West-Central Minnesota this summer.

Skate Central Lakes Endurance Festival will test skateboarder's endurance over the course of three days July 31-August 2. Labeled "The World's Toughest Staged Distance Skateboarding Race," boarders race over 200 miles on Central Minnesota's Central Lakes Trail and Lake Wobegon Trail.

Day 1 starts at 6:00am, with racers making the grueling 106 mile trek from St. Cloud to Fergus Falls. They'll have nine hours to make it to the final checkpoint (mile marker 75 mile) or they'll have to forfeit and get a ride to the finish by shuttle.

Day 2 sees boarders making their way back the way they came, leaving Fergus Falls at 7:00am and racing the 62 miles to West Union. They'll have 3.5 hours from start time to complete the second leg of the race. All racers will then be shuttled back to Waite Park for the final leg of the race Day 3.

Day 3 of the Skate Central Lakes Endurance Festival will be slightly different than the previous two days. Leaving Waite Park's River's Edge Park, racers will make a mad 35-mile dash (turnaround is 17 miles) up the Lake Wobegon Trailhead and back. All boarders will have the option to race the full three days or just Day 3, however, those who choose to race just Day 3 will receive a handicap.

Last year's event saw skateboarders racing the inverse course; starting in Fergus Falls and racing to St. Cloud and back with a final celebration ceremony at Union Pizza and Brewing Co. in Fergus Falls. Those who choose to race all three days this year will pass through 19 towns over the course of 200+ miles.

Check out more on this year's festival at the website or on Facebook.

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