As we all remain confined indoors due to the coronavirus, it's the small things that are getting us through -- like children's chalk drawings on the sidewalk, cutout hearts on the windows, warm breezes blowing through open windows and the sound of...frogs croaking.

Like we said, the small things.

With antagonizingly warm temperatures here, Minnesotans have noticed one of the sure signs of spring -- frogs. Lots of frogs. Lots of loud frogs. Photos and videos shared to the Minnesota thread of reddit show frogs at the Franconia Sculpture Gardens...

We heard so many frogs at Franconia Sculpture Park yesterday! from r/minnesota

(If video above does not show click here) south east Minnesota...

Frog Mating Calls in South East Minnesota.... Sorry that there's nothing to see, but the sound is amazing and so loud right now. The clicking/croaking are Leopard frogs. The duck-like sound that comes in later are Wood frogs. Sorry it's a bit windy too. from r/minnesota

(If video above does not show, click here)

...and in south central Minnesota...

Saw this big fella on my run in SC MN near Walnut Lake. from r/minnesota

(If photo above does not show, click here)

For a fun at-home Herpetology project (that's the study of frogs, not...well...something else), check out this list from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency of frogs that live in Minnesota and listen to their calls!

Have you seen or heard any frogs nearby?

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