Hopefully, you made it to Princeton yesterday to take in the World's Largest Rubber Duck inflatable because the 'mama' duck had to come down early due to the winds. At one point this morning the inflatable was dragging its 1,100-pound weight/anchor around.

The Princeton Area Chamber of Commerce announced around 10 this morning, much to the disappointment of many who had hoped to come and see it Sunday.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Mama Duck will have to come down due to the high winds today. She is dragging the eight 1100 pound blocks across the parking lot and it’s simply not safe. The Jeep event will have to be cancelled as well. Please share share share!! We’re so very sorry. Sad duck.

The Jeep event, according to a social media event page, was for Jeep owners to get a picture with the large duck. Jeep owners have been known to 'duck' another owner's Jeep as a sign of comradery.

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Calling all Jeep enthusiasts! Bring your Jeep to Princeton and have a photo taken with the World's Largest Rubber Duck. This will be your chance to get your Jeep up close and personal to one rubber duck that won't fit on the dash of your Jeep. This event is FREE! See you there! Please note: This event is for Jeeps. We have some vans with seniors coming as well, but this will not be open for all vehicles. - Facebook event

People put rubber ducks on Jeeps as a friendly gesture to other Jeep owners, a tradition known as "Jeep Ducking" or "Duck Duck Jeep". The practice began in 2020 when Allison Parliament, from Ontario, Canada, bought rubber ducks and left them on other Jeeps with notes to cheer people up during the pandemic. The ducks are intended to add personality to the Jeeps and make people smile.

The announcement of the Duck and Jeep event being canceled also seemed to have created some other problems as the Chamber of Commerce went back onto social media looking for places that could accommodate a food truck or two that were slated to be at both canceled events.

Anyone in need of a few food trucks today? We had theee who were supposed to be at the duck event today and have lots of food. Tacos, cheese curds and Mr Egg Roll!

The duck was in town for the Rum River festival, and it seemed to bring people to town, as pictures of the large duck were seen across social media on Saturday.

Check out these amazing drone images from above the duck, in downtown Princeton.

The fly-in breakfast looked like it was still held until noon at the airport.

You can find more information about the Run River Festival and remaining events today, by heading here.

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