The weather is starting to warm up and it's beginning to seem a lot like spring. At least, this week it will. Temperatures over the weekend are forecast in the 50's.

Minnesotans everywhere will be tempted to clean out the garage, set up the patio furniture and grill to their heart's content.

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You might even be tempted to violate winter parking restrictions. You may not even realize you're doing it--because, after all, we don't have snow. It's best to follow winter parking rules even though we don't have snow in our foreseeable future.

Winter parking restrictions are in place until April 1. If a snow emergency is declared and you're parked in violation of the ordinances, you could (and probably will) be towed.

Even if there's zero snow on the ground, you could still get a ticket. So, it's best to follow the rules.

According to the City of St. Cloud's website, you need to follow the odd/even parking schedule.

Between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. on odd numbered days you should park on the even side of the street. Then, during that same timeframe on even numbered days you should park on the odd side of the street.

If you're wondering how to determine which side is odd and which is even, just look at the house numbers. Homes with even numbers are on the even side of the street and vice versa.

The city's website also notes, 'if the street is paved and less than 32 feed wide, there is no parking any time."

There are also certain areas and roads that you can't park on between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. You can find the list on St. Cloud's website.

So, even though it's feeling a lot more like spring, we're not out of the winter parking restriction 'woods' yet.

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