2018 is already the year of new soda. Mountain Dew came out with Mountain Dew Ice this past week which is basically their take on 7-up. And Coca-Cola is coming out with a few new flavors of Diet Coke! Here are the ones we will see on shelves later this month

  • Ginger Lime - I love lime Diet Coke so maybe this will be good?
  • Twisted Mango - Mango Pepsi was available back in 2013 and I loved it.
  • Zesty Blood Orange - Hopefully no actual zest will be used. No chunks in my pop please.
  • Feisty Cheery - Cherry coke. With attitude.

In addition to the new flavors, the new Diet coke with have different cans. They will be slimmer and taller, and look more ~*sophisticated*~. Which basically means it won't fit right in the cup holder of your car.

I am really excited to try the new flavors, just so I can form my own opinion of them. They'll be on sale later this month, and don't worry, regular old Diet Coke isn't going anywhere.

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