I remember at school when I was a teenager we all got to go outside to view a Solar Eclipse. It was lunchtime and I was hungry, but I decided to see what all the fuss was about. The teachers warned us NOT to look at it directly, even with sunglasses on. Being teenagers, we listened (not), and decided we would be better protected if we looked through the tinted rear glass on my Bronco II. Thankfully it worked and nobody was blinded, and I will never forget how cool it was.

Tonight there is a nationwide total Lunar Eclipse. This is the first in 5 decades.

I've witnessed a partial Lunar Eclipse, but not a full one. With all the snow and cloud cover, Central Minnesota will NOT be able to view this marvel in science. (You can watch NASA's feed HERE)

Instead look for Randy Moss at TCF Bank for the 50th Anniversary of the Vikings. Maybe he will moon the crowd so we all can see an eclipse tonight!!

Randy Moss Moons

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