The question on most Minnesotans' minds leading up to Halloween is, will we have snow on the ground this year?

It's hard to say what Mother Nature will throw at us, I mean, who would have thought we'd have deep measurable snow in mid-October?

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But, according to the National Weather Service, the odds of snow on the ground Saturday are slim, "No accumulating snow is forecast and we should see mostly sunny skies. This will lead to ideal melting conditions for snow melt."

While temperatures will be in the mid 20's and low 30's Monday and Tuesday, temperatures will start to warm above freezing by Wednesday.

We're not forecast to have anymore snow between now and Halloween night.

Wednesday, we will see a high temperature of 41 degrees with lots of sunshine and Thursday we'll see more of the same. Thursday's high temperature will reach 39 degrees with mostly sunny skies.

Friday will hopefully melt whatever snow is left with lots of sunshine and a high temp of 41 degrees.

As for Halloween itself, it'll be the best day yet. According to the National Weather Service it'll be a gorgeous day. We're expecting mostly sunny skies and a high of almost 50 degrees.

That's almost perfect weather for trick-or-treaters. You'll want to make sure you still bundle the kids up before heading out to collect candy on Saturday night because the low will drop to 31.

So, odds are in our favor that we will not have snow on the ground this Halloween. It might be a great week to rake up the rest of your leaves though. Something tells me that the next round of snow will be here to stay awhile.

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