I have to admit, being able to get a Big Mac at any moment has it's appeal? Doesn't it? Not that I should be thinking about Big Mac's by any means...So why was I so engaged in learning about the new Big Mac ATM?  For the same reason you are.

How does this happen? Is there a little chef inside that tiny box, frying up burgers, and sweating like crazy? Apparently, the idea is just a stunt right now, and a McDonald's nearby the ATM Big Mac ATM in Boston will be cooking the burgers, and then feeding them into the machine for you to grab and enjoy.

However...if' it's a big success...You might see the Big Mac ATM showing up right here in Central Minnesota.

In related news...You probably heard Chad & I talking about McDonald's giving away bottles of Big mac Special Sauce last week...Well, believe it or not...people are trying to sell them on eBay for up to $100,000. I haven't heard if it's working or not, but hey....why not try? Got $100,000 to buy some special sauce?

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