The new version of "Romeo and Juliet" is getting a lot of negative heat lately thanks to the British tabloids. They released part of the script for R&J where 14 year old star Hailee Steinfeld will be doing a nude and sex scene. You may recognize Hailee for her Oscar nominated work in "True Grit".

The rumored scene is scripted to have Romeo and Juliet undressing each other until they are both naked.

Now, a 14 year old getting naked on set, that to me screams illegal. Child pornography pops in my head, and that is not a good thing. Can they legally film that? This isn't the first time a nude scene was "done" with an underage star. "Lolita" had 15 year old star Dominique Swan naked in the movie. Now, before you get upset, Dominique wasn't the one naked in the movie. They used an adult body double for the sex scene. Good chance that will happen in Romeo and Juliet. But is it necessary to even have that scene in the movie, body double or not? Are directors taking things to far with teen actors?

Even if they take their clothes "off", the scene could be filmed in a way that we will never see any actual R-Rated body parts. It's all in the imagination. (Granted I don't want to imagine a 14 year old naked, ever!) I could have a picture taken of me, shoulders up with a tube top on and just show my bare shoulders, and one may think I am topless, but really I am not. Or showing the legs, the person could have short shorts on and no one would ever know. The same question pops in mind, is it necessary for the film? Sex sells, but it shouldn't sell when its a 14 year old.

The end result is that this scene, which sounds pretty bad on paper, could end up being no big deal at all. It just sounds like the British tabloids are overreacting and trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Let's hope anyway.

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