You can add "Vikings" to the list of dirty words in Wisconsin.

A Green Bay radio station playing Lizzo's song "Truth Hurts" has edited out references to the Minnesota Vikings.

In the 2017 song, Lizzo -- who is from Minneapolis -- sings "Fresh photos with the bomb lighting/New man on the Minnesota Vikings." Apparently, the truth hurt too much for Green Bay's WIXX which edited out the references to their purple and gold rivals.

“I really think if the reverse was true," said WIXX music director Otis Day, "Minneapolis would be doing the same thing" (he's probably right).

As a courtesy to Lizzo's label, the Packer nation radio station called up Atlantic Records to let them know they'd made an edit to the song "without compromising the beat or rhythm of the song."

Said Day, “They kind of chuckled. They didn’t seem to fully understand the reason we couldn’t play it. ‘Why can’t you play it?’ ... Because this is Green Bay, man.”

WIXX listeners will be able to tell that lyrics were removed, catching just the "M" of "Minnesota" and "s" of "Vikings." According to Day, the station even toyed with throwing in "Go Pack Go" but decided against it. “The effect is almost a subtle bleep you."

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