This past February my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Santa Monica, California. It was an amazing trip, and we spent a lot of it eating our way through the area and walking around neighborhoods in awe of the houses. But every few blocks we would be tripping over and seeing rental scooters laying in sidewalks. They were EVERYWHERE. They are called Bird Scooters and here is how they work:

  • Download the Bird app
  • Find a scooter nearby
  • Use it
  • Leave it wherever and Bird employees come and pick them up

Their website specifically says "Do notblock public pathways and leave in a nearby bike rack". That obviously doesn't happen, and could soon be happening in Minneapolis.


According to the Associated Press, Minneapolis officials are taking steps to regulate two-wheeled rental scooters. The Bird Scooter company has already placed some in Minneapolis, but they wouldn't say exactly how many. They also have submitted paperwork in Minneapolis and St. Paul to operate as a business. Soon enough we will be the Santa Monica of the North, hopscotching our way through the sidewalks to avoid stray scooters.

I will admit they are a great idea. More eco-friendly than other forms of transportation, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. They will be great here IF people have the respect to follow the rules and store them properly when done. I guess we will see if that happens or not.

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