It's almost that time of year again to move your clocks backward as we fall back in time for the end of Daylight Savings. Some people are happy that the 2 a.m. rewind on Sunday, November 4 will give them an extra hour of sleep.

While that may be true, I dislike daylight savings time and think the entire thing is pointless. For the next few months, until we roll clocks forward again, the clock in my car will be wrong. It'll confuse me for months, create mini panic attacks and make me feel like I'm running remarkably late for things.


Why don't I just change my clock? That's a good question. The clock in my car is kind of complicated to figure out. I've changed the clock before but when you only change it twice a year, it's easy to forget how to do it. Most of the time I only think about changing it when I'm already driving to where I need to be and pressed for time.

I typically get used to having an incorrect clock by late February. My brain will mentally note that it's an hour ahead--by then it's nearly time to change the clock forward again.

I don't understand why we need to mess around with all of this time change all of the time. It's supposed to be for farmers, but does it really help them out all that much? I think we need to get our poop in a group and do away with this whole time change thing! I mean, it is pretty a nation we collectively pretend it's one time and then delete an hour every spring and magically find it again in the fall. Try explaining how that works to a kid.

But, I'll have to admit, I do enjoy having that one extra hour of sleep on that one day each year.

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