I live in central Minnesota and I don't know a whole lot about St. Paul's current mayor, Melvin Carter. But, it seems like he keeps canceling lots of the city's staple traditions and I hope it's a trend that doesn't continue.

St. Paul's Fourth of July fireworks display was canceled this year due to budget concerns. According to City Pages, it's inaccurate to say the display was "canceled" because the city was actually never planning to have fireworks this year to begin with. Fireworks cost about $1,000 a minute. The display would have likely cost $100,000 after all was said and done. So, it was cut. How are you going to cut fireworks in Minnesota's capitol city? It just doesn't seem right. I don't understand how smaller cities can afford displays but our capitol city can't. If St. Cloud's display was ever canceled I'd be outraged because it has become my tradition.

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Then, the Associated Press recently reported that Carter asked the St. Paul Police Chief to cancel the K-9 unit demonstrations at the Minnesota State Fair. There was a show dog that bit a kid at the fair, not a police dog. But, they're canceling the demonstrations anyway. They hope to bring the demonstrations back next year. I'm starting to see a trend forming here.

As someone with a small child of my own, it's sometimes hard to find fun things for families to do together. I can see how some residents of the state in general would be frustrated to see these things taken away. I'm hoping that cutting fun family activities to save money doesn't continue. It can't be all business all of the time. Minnesotans have established longstanding traditions that we're proud of...and it's sad whenever they go away.

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