A new Minneapolis business coalition debuted their new logo...that featured the Houston, TX skyline instead.

A New 612 is a new Minneapolis coalition of business, labor, and community organizations "coming together to position Minneapolis for a brighter future," reads the group's website. "We are dedicated to ensuring that our beloved city comes back even stronger than before."

Apparently, however, members of the coalition can't tell the difference between their "beloved city" and that of one 1,175 miles away. On Sunday, Wedge Live exposed A New 612's logo for featuring the skyline of Houston, Texas rather than Minneapolis.

"A reader writes to ask if the downtown business community [A New 612] has created a logo with a generic downtown skyline," Wedge Live tweeted. "Do any of these buildings exist in Minneapolis? (aside from the Capri and the Witch's Hat)"

While the Capri Theatre and Witch's Hat Tower do both exist in Minneapolis, no other buildings in the logo's silhouette seem identifiable as local to either Minneapolis or the Twin Cities. Turns out, that's because they're not. After receiving a tip from a reader that the skyline may be that of Montreal, Wedge Live compared the city silhouette to clip art of other major cities and found that the buildings in A New 612's logo actually matched those of Houston, Texas!

"After an exhaustive investigation," Wedge Live posted later on Twitter, "we have determined that the 'New 612' is actually the old 713, aka Houston, Texas." You can see the similarities revealed in the tweet below.

This comes just days after it was determined by another Twitter user that one of the photos used on A New 612's website is actually not new but from the 1980's.

Read the full story as exposed by Wedge Live here.

Sounds to us like A New 612 needs a new marketing team...

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