A growing list of employers and schools are requiring people to get the COVID-19 vaccination. It's a highly debated issue with many people divided on the subject of immunization.

If an employer or school requires the vaccine and you're not wanting to get it, what can you do?

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Minnesota has an immunization law which states, "in order for a child to enroll in child care, early education programs or school a parent must show they have received immunizations or an exemption."

So, who qualifies for an exemption? There are two types of exemptions in Minnesota; medical and non-medical. I've heard many people refer to the 'non-medical' exemption as a 'religious' exemption.

However, the non-medical exemption doesn't have to be based on religious views. Minnesota allows for both religious and personal beliefs to be grounds for exemptions.

According to to the attorney office Kutson + Casey located in Mankato, "when it comes to vaccines in Minnesota, the state allows for both religious and personal belief exemptions. In fact, they do not distinguish between the two."

That means, as long as you believe you don't want the vaccine, you've got grounds to qualify for a non-medical exemption.

So, how do you get a non-medical exception?

You must either fill out a non-medical exception form, use one provided by the child care facility, school or college or create your own form and have it notarized.

You can find more information on obtaining a medical or non-medical vaccine exemption below.


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