Let's all chime in and let the world know who in Central Minnesota we think has the best pizza.

Central Minnesota is blessed with several great places to grab a slice or whole pizza, and each has passionate fans singing their praises. Whether you prefer sausage or pepperoni, onions or peppers, thin crust or deep dish -- you can find it all in Central Minnesota

We're familiar with Chicago, New York, and Detroit style pizza, but did you know that 'Minnesota Style' pizza is a thing? A story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press described it as:

A thin crust, square cut, loads of toppings cheese and a spicy “passive-aggressive” sauce.

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I dialed up Yelp to see what their reviewers had to say on the topic. Here's where you get the best pizza according to them:

  1. Jet's Pizza
  2. Zeppole Pizza
  3. Polito's
  4. House of Pizza
  5. Pizza Man
  6. Jules' Bistro
  7. Waldo's Pizza
  8. Jimmy's Pizza
  9. Toppers Pizza
  10. Gary's Pizza

It's amazing to me that I've been to so many of these places, but have never tried pizza at Jules' or Pizza Man. I've never met a pizza I didn't like (unless you put pineapple on it), but Gary's and the Green Mill are among my favorites.

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