Always love when someone poses a question as "can we own this animal in Minnesota"? Apparently there are a lot of different animals that people wonder about. I've seen people ask if they can own anything from racoons, skunks to turtles, lions and bears and more. Which not surprising there are many you can't own.

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But have you ever asked if you could own a bouncy kangaroo? Someone must have been curious, because just the other day on reddit, the question was posed and a map of the United States was shared, showing which states can with a permit, are illegal or can just own one, even without a permit.

Should start out with, a good majority of the states have made it illegal to own this exoctic animal that is indigenous to Australia and New Guinea. But there are three states that allow you to go ahead and own a kangaroo, even without a permit. Those states are South Carolina, West Virginia and our neighboring state to the East, Wisconsin.

Which funny enough one person shared, kangaroo sighting in Wisconsin is about as big as a Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota.

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People in Wisconsin have been reporting on sightings of this hopping marsupial in the state since 1899 according to "Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena". The stories are quite entertaining and you can read more up on them here.

Now you're probably wondering with Wisconsin making it legal to own a kangaroo, does Minnesota at least allow to have one with a permit. The answer is no. Here in Minnesota it is illegal to own one and as ldskyfly points out

eventobin responded with a "Yep since 2005".

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So if you wanted an exoctic animal, such as the kangaroo. You'll have three states to choose from, but I don't think I would want one enough to want to move over to Wisconsin...that's just me. But for a look at where you can get one with a permit and which other states are illegal like Minnesota, here you go, take a look.

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