Today just happens to be my birthday.

It's yet another chance to reflect on the year that has gone by and to look ahead to what's in store for the next 365 days.

And while your birthday is about as personal as it gets, you do share yours with more people than you think.

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For instance, I know I share my birthdate with other famous Americas like race car driver Mario Andretti, actors Bernadette Peters, John Turturro, and the late Gavin Gavin Macleod, as well as late musician Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, and late comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

But just how common is a February 28 birthday?

Out of 366 potential birthdates on the calendar, it's in the bottom half at 198th overall, with 11,053 average births.

To find out exactly how many other Americans arrived on the same calendar day you did, you can consult a heatmap that uses births by day from 1994 to 2014, thanks to FiveThirtyEight, whose reporters posted the tables on Github for an unrelated project.

Birthdate Chart
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The numbers reveal that one month reigns supreme when it comes to birthdays in America - September.

Of the top ten most popular birthdates, nine fall over a 12-day period in the ninth month of the year, with the most popular date being September 9.

That makes the Christmas holiday the most popular 'baby-making' time of the year.

The lone outsider crashing September's party in the top ten is July 7, which checks in at number six with the seemingly unremarkable date of October 14 as the likely conception date.


  1. September 9: 12,301
  2. September 19: 12,229
  3. September 12: 12,224
  4. September 17: 12,148
  5. September 10: 12,143
  6. July 7: 12,108
  7. September 20: 12,107
  8. September 15: 12,087
  9. September 16: 12,072
  10. September 18: 12,055

As for the least popular birthdates, holidays, and days close to holidays see the fewest number of new arrivals in maternity wards nationwide.

Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas are all in the bottom six dates.

New Year's Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween are also in the bottom ten, as well as a trio of days that typically fall around Thanksgiving.


  1. December 25: 6,574
  2. January 1: 7,792
  3. December 24: 8,069
  4. July 4: 8,796
  5. January 2: 9,307
  6. December 26: 9,543
  7. November 27: 9,718
  8. November 23: 9,883
  9. November 25: 9,954
  10. October 31: 9,978

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