If we had a few hours and lots of coffee, I could tell you about more than one horrible first date I've been on. First dates are awkward anyway, so don't make it worse by going to these places. 

The Club

It's loud, there's never any place to sit, the only thing you can do is dance, and most men I know don't like dancing and some women I know only dance if they're drunk and getting drunk on a first date is also a bad idea.

The Bar With Your Friends

It's intimidating to meet your date's friends even if things are going well, so if it's a first date, you're likely just going to scare them off. I'm not saying you can't go to the bar after you've had a little alone time, but just don't make your college buddies and work friends a part of the whole date.

A Movie

Dinner and a movie seems to be the thing to do on a first date, but you're just sitting there in the dark for two hours. You won't be able to talk and get to know each other and isn't that what a first date is supposed to be about?

Anyplace With Your Kids

On a first date, you can mention your kids, but bringing them along can be an awkward situation.

So, where should you go on a first date?


Bowling is a fun and casual date idea. You don't have to get super dressed up and it's not expensive. Grab some shoes, a couple slices of pizza and a beer or two. You can talk to each other and it's low stress. Try Granite Bowl or Great River Bowl.


Treat each dinner date differently. Don't slide into "first date mode" otherwise it could feel like an interrogation. Don't go to the same place all the time, either. The servers get to know the regulars and if you're in with a different person all the time, it could be a tad odd. Instead, try new places and new types of food. Fjui Sushi & Steakhouse is AWESOME, Sawatdee and Star of India are other fantastic ideas.


It's really romantic. Pack a basket or grab some takeout and pick a nice space at one of the many parks around the St. Cloud area. It's a fun way to be outside and enjoy the weather. Also inexpensive and low stress.

I will give you a quick summary of a bad first date of mine. I went out to dinner with this guy and the conversation was awkward, he wasn't the "outgoing type" he said he was and it just wasn't a great first date, but it was early and there were a few movies I wanted to see. The place was next to a movie theater, so when he suggested we go to a movie I agreed. He said he'd meet me at the door and we each headed for our cars. I thought about it for a bit and decided I had changed my mind and didn't want to go to a movie with him, so he drove to the theater and I drove home.

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