When you hear the dials, text ‘HARRY STYLES’. We want to send you and a friend to Boston to see Harry Styles live and up close.

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That’s not all! We’ll hook you up with airfare, hotel, concert tickets, meet and greets and $500 in cash! When you hear the dials you’ve got five minutes to text ‘HARRY STYLES’ with the Mix 94.9 Mobile App.

We will send you the qualifying code word. Enter it online before midnight to get qualified. The more codes you collect, the better your chances of winning!

Download the Mix 94.9 mobile app for all the rules and details. Win your way to Boston to see Harry Styles. When you hear the Dials, text ‘HARRY STYLES’—brought to you by Columbia Records and North Crest Kids Activity Center on St. Cloud’s Fresh Mix, Mix 94.9

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