It's parade season...and that means there are oodles of people who will be out in full force trying to save their spot along the parade route...even if that means placing their blankets and chairs in other people's lawns days before the event. Yes, you read me right...days before the parade you'll likely see chairs and blankets sitting unattended reserving prime real estate along the parade route.

I've never really minded this before as I don't own a home along the route...but, there's a debate on the St. Cloud Garage Sale page over the issue. Let's just say, people have a lot of feelings about this.


Some commenters chimed in expressing frustration over having other people's crap in their yards for days before the parade even happens.

Others say it's a hassle for anyone trying to use the sidewalk the night before the parade.

This isn't just a central Minnesota thing either...this happens in every small town all over the country.

So, when is it acceptable to reserve your spot on the route? Some people think you shouldn't be able to reserve it at all...just show up like a first come first served sort of thing unless you have a residence along the route.

Let's debate this. Do you think it's OK to reserve your parade space before the morning of the parade?

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