Nothing is more important the health and well being of our children. I'm sure most parents would agree, its those things that keep us up most nights. We're constantly wondering if were doing the right things, leading by example, and providing them with everything they need to be successful in life. I asked you on Facebook to tell me about your biggest fears as a parent. Thanks for all of your honest and heartfelt feedback.

~Kim - Not being there for my children...

~Samantha - Losing them. A friend of mine lost her daughter right before her little Angels 5th birthday. She shares her pain and my heart aches for her. She is still waiting on the autopsy to find out why, I'm hoping that gives her heart a little peace.

~Charity - That would also apply to being a step parent and for me its, not feeling like I belong.

~Chad - Loosing them.

~Laura - That I will daughter's just lost there father and he was only involved for a year and I have been told that I cant do what he can yet i have raised them alone....or losing them.

~Jennifer - Screwing them up.... It seems every decision is over thought and crucial when it comes to them.... I just want them to be good, well behaved, loving, generous people with hearts of gold, and confidence to be leaders, yet humble. Just to name a few.

~Tim - Not understanding when they just need some attention and to be felt loved.

~Jay - That my child would die before me, as my son Brian did.

~Anna - To have to bury another one of my children.

~Erica - Since I haven't had children yet, my biggest fear is living this life without having any.

~Danelle - Failing... not preparing them for the real world and not teaching them how to handle situations. Wanting them to succeed in life is my #1 goal.

~Carolyn - Always being in the right place at the right time for our son and his kids.

~Nicole - Besides the obvious would be to raise cruel, selfish, unkind adults. To raise children that become burdens to society.

~Val - Someone else hurting them or not caring for them Like I ask.

~Joe - Them figuring out I'm clueless.

~Lori - All of them growing up.

And hundreds more...thank you again all for sharing and opening up...

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