Students are graduating, teens are almost finished with school for the year--it's only a matter of time before they start searching for their summer job!

When you're young, you'll try almost any job for a few extra bucks to spend at the movies and the mall. But, not all jobs are glamorous. Some summer jobs are down right horrible.

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I once had a summer job where I worked in a hot factory. It was the summer after my senior year of high school so I was trying to save up a bunch of money for college.

I'd sometimes work 16 hour days which is basically a double shift in a hot factory that had no air conditioning. I was constantly moving around and sweating. I got one half hour lunch break per shift I worked.

The days were long, the pay was OK and the conditions were unbearable. I made it through an entire summer, I learned some things about my work ethic and my character. I'm grateful for the experience, but I can't say I'd be jumping in line to do it again.

What's the worst summer job you've ever had--comment below!

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