What's the weirdest or most unique store you remember at the Mall of America?

The Mall of America opened in Bloomington August 11, 1992, making it 27 years old. According to Explore Minnesota, the mall contains 520 stores, 60 restaurants and attractions galore. Of course, many of those have closed up or moved on since the mall first opened, leading to a good question posted in the Minnesota thread of reddit: "What is the wierdest/most unique store you remember from MOA?"

"There have been so many stores in and out of that place, and alot of them have been insanely niche," says reddit user Producer_Brent. "What are the funniest/most unique you remember?"

"Back in the day there was a company that would take your portrait and suspend it in a block of lucite by "printing" it with bubbles," remembers Kichigai. "Now there's a company that'll 3D scan you and print you."

"Northwest Airlines had a storefront where you could buy tickets from a real-live ticket agent," shares DaveG55337. "My memory is failing me on this too, but I thought you could also check in for your flight there before shopping, then catching a cab over to the airport."

"Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania," adds guiltycitizen.

"Target (back when it was still part of Dayton's) used to have a clothing store called Everyday Hero that sold all the Target store brand clothing," lists eightcd. "Old Navy used to have a cafe in the back of the store. Filene's Basement had a store. I think DSW is there now."

What niche, unique or memorable Mall of America stores do you remember?

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