So until we move the Super Bowl up to Noon so we can all go to bed on Super Sunday night, I think it SHOULD be a national holiday. So other than that stressing me out that I should still be in bed this morning, what are some real life stresses for you at work?


A new survey from PR Newswire, says that there are four things that absolutely drive us crazy at work; and there really doesn't seem to be any way to fix these problems.

  • Heavy workloads & crazy deadlines  33%
  • Demanding and unrealistic bosses  22%
  • Work Life Balance: 22%
  • Co Workers 15%

The survey also found the cities that the most stressed out workers:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Boston, MA
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • New York, NY

What are your biggest stresses at work? Do you have recommendations for people to get through theses stresses? Let us know: kelly@mix949.com.

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