Christmas is a magical time of the year! People are in good spirits, there's enough generosity to go around and let's not forget Christmas cookies. But, the holidays aren't always as glamorous as the Hallmark movies on TV. Here are some real life issues people in relationships struggle with every year.


1. Preparing to impress the in-laws.

2. Planning your Christmas route. It always seems to involve 5 holidays, 4 super long car rides, 3 pit stops, 2 fights and a partridge in a pear tree.

3. You might even spend more time in your car than with your family during the holidays.

4. When you know you're running late but you forgot to pick up a gift for that gift exchange your significant other briefly mentioned about two months ago.

5. Adult sibling rivalry is no joke. Align with your significant other if you want to avoid a big issue later. Remember Christmas '89? Brad cheated at Monopoly.

6. There's always an outsider who thinks they can suggest making changes to your family's long standing traditions. No, Cathy. NO.

7. When you told yourself you'd be nice to your boyfriend's cousin, McKayla, that you can't stand. 'Tis the season after all.

8. The awkward fight that always seems to happen after someone brings up politics or religion at the dinner table. Bridget always gets triggered.

9. Trying to make it look like you ate a lot...knowing you've still got 4 more places eat at that day.

10. Your rude uncle that never helps clean up after dinner. Who even invited Mike this year?

11. You have to watch the clock because you have 4 more places to be that day.

12. We all know that super obsessed couple at the holidays that can't share their time with anyone else. Jessica and Ian are just so in love, OK!

13. The long Minnesota goodbye. Are you supposed to hug your boyfriend's great aunt Linda or nah?

14. The guilt trip from your mother-in-law when it's actually time to leave. You can feel it.

15. Eating your annual Christmas Chinese takeout because you didn't get any leftovers anywhere you went. Maybe we should start our own traditions?

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