I often feel bad about feeling Mr. Bean and Sampson dry kibble.  As they watch me eat my salmon and veggies, I've already fed them their food, sometimes mixed in with some canned dog food of rice and lamb, or cat food that includes shrimp, chicken or beef; but they still watch me, "Wow..I wish could have what SHE's having?"

My pets seem to like their canned food, but dry kibble is something they eat only if they have to...or so it appears. So I was wondering? If I love my pets, should I be doing more for them? I know that it's standard to feed our pets dry food, and canned food from the pet secion; but I don't think I would eat it, so should I expect them to?

After reading up on this topic, I've learned a few things. First, I learned that my pets want the same kind of foods that I do. Freshness is important to our pets for a reason. If your pet seems LESS INTERESTED in their dry kibble two days after the bag has been opened, it's probably no different than you and I eating cereal that has been left open that tastes stale.

On the freshness scale, here is the most important tips to remember for pets:

  • Frozen raw food diets are the best.

  • Freeze dried and dehydrated foods

  • Canned foods

  • Dry kibble


Just like us, our pets crave and need different foods. Eating the same dry dog food can sometimes cause inflammatory bowel disease, and the dry food diet can lead to dehydration which can put stress on the kidneys.

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