I'm a huge fan of the Minnesota State Fair, which gets underway tomorrow! I'm in the process of planning my route. Every year I hit up my 'must haves'. And, I always try to include something new. You never know when something might become your new fair favorite.

My husband Dave and I were talking about food we wish the Minnesota State Fair had. Now, we kind of sound spoiled a little bit, because honestly, the state fair has so many options. There's really not a whole lot they haven't thought of.


But, it's fun to still dream about what foods you'd invent if you were in charge of running a food truck at the fair.

My husband said it would be great if they invented deep fried pizza! I think his dream dish is pretty realistic. It might even be something they do have that he doesn't know about.

My dream dish would be deep friend wantons on a stick with teriyaki and orange chicken baked in the middle. Mmm! Why isn't this a thing yet?!

Also, I think cheese curds filled with BBQ bacon should also be high on the list of things that should also be invented.

What food do you think should be a newly invented fair favorite?

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