Today is a great day to get ice cream! Actually every day is a great day to get ice cream! Think about your go-to order. Mine is a hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen topped with Oreo crumbles. Here is what certain ice cream orders say about your personality!

- If you order a cone you are an idealist. Cones are the ideal way to eat ice cream but really they aren't practical and can be super messy.

- If you order your ice cream in a dish you are more rational. You know that the bowl or cup it is in won't be as much of a hassle as a cone would be.

- If you order fun flavors like cookie dough or cookies and cream, it is likely that you are an optimist. Fun people get fun flavors!

- Realists are more likely to get chocolate ice cream. Maybe because they know that flavor will never fail them.

- If you order a milkshake that makes you seem fearless and young and heart! It will also bring boys to your yard, so beware!

- If you spoon your ice cream straight out of the carton you are resourceful, and dependent. Or you just don't have any clean bowls to eat out of. Either way you are getting ice cream!

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