This week let us know the most popular Valentine's Day Candies in every state. Minnesotans have an affinity towards conversation hearts, but who wouldn't? They are classics on the holiday. What really threw me off was our second favorite candy, something called Cupid Corn. I have never heard of such a thing in my life! We all know Candy Corn, the love-it or hate-it candy of the Halloween season, so Cupid Corn would seem to be the same thing, just for Valentine's Day, right?


After some light internet sleuthing I discovered that Cupid Corn is the same thing as Candy Corn. It has similar ingredients, just different dyes to make it more festive for February. The original Cupid Corn was made by Jelly Belly, but they no longer produce it! So if you want this sweet treat, you'll have to settle for a knock off which there are plenty of all over the internet!

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