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Tom Hanks is in an upcoming movie based on Frank Rogers aka Mr. Rogers's life called 'A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood'. Someone just did research on and found out that Hanks and Rogers are 6th cousins. Hanks seemed shocked when he was given the news.

It just goes to show that it's a small world out there. We all have stories like this. My mom once told me, 'everyone is related to everyone somehow if you look far enough back.' I've heard stories growing up from my grandma..I'm not sure how true they are or what fact the claims are based on. I was always told I was a distant cousin  to English royalty. I also have Native American ancestry and was told I am related to a Native American princess from the Sioux tribe.

It seems like everyone claims to be related to royalty or a famous person somehow. I'm sure others have similar stories to mine. Maybe you've traced your ancestry and found out about a famous relative you didn't know you had. What notable person living or dead are you related to?

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