So, my life was just made! I heard that Insomnia Cookies just opened up on the south side of St. Cloud. You can literally get cookies delivered to you until 3 a.m. I love 2019!

We've had many entrepreneurs announce new businesses coming to our area this year. I love to ask this question every once-in-a while because I think the powers that be do take our suggestions to heart.


The last time I asked you what business you thought should come to the area, there was an overwhelming number of people who said Costco...and now, there's a Costco coming to town.

I still think an indoor family water park like they have in Wisconsin Dells should come to the area. Families would LOVE it, especially during the 6 long months of winter when we're all trapped indoors. Just think about how much more your kid's birthday party would be at an indoor water park! Please, central Minnesota, can we get a water park?!

What business do you think should come to the area?

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