Today was the day that millions of people were going to storm Area 51 and find out the truth about Aliens. People did show up, but not nearly as many as the millions we were expecting. The raid of Area 51 actually turned into a small music festival outside of the Area 51 gate. The festival goes now through Sunday, so there's still time for something to happen.

It got me to thinking about what areas right here in Minnesota that I'd love to go and raid.


Did you know that St. Cloud is home to an old abandoned island in the Mississippi River? It's called Sportsman's Island and it hasn't been in use for years. It even has a park, overgrown ball fields and abandoned buildings.

I've also heard rumors of there being a large tunnel system throughout the entire downtown area in St. Cloud. I'd love to know if it exists and what the heck is down there.

Apollo High School and St. Cloud State University both have underground tunnel systems too. I've been in the tunnels at both locations. Apollo's tunnel system contains a lot of old storage. You can actually walk underneath the school's pool and look through little windows to see into it. St. Cloud State's tunnel system is pretty hot and humid. There's a lot of wall art done by students when the tunnels were operable.

I've always wanted to go inside of the little storage house in the middle of Munsinger Gardens. It's just so small and cute. But, what's in there?

I also think it would be pretty awesome to storm the basement of the Palmer House in Sauk Centre. It's allegedly haunted by a number of ghosts and spirits.

Where have you always wanted to investigate that's off limits to the general public? 

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