The National Weather Service said that St. Cloud only got 6 inches of snow over the weekend. It snowed from Friday evening well into the late hours of Sunday night. 6 inches doesn't seem quite right. Sure there was a lot of blowing and drifting snow so it will obviously be deeper in some places than others but it really didn't stop falling form the sky, so I think our area got a little more than what the experts said. To prove my point, here is a video of what my yard and my ride into work looked like this morning.


Snow fall totals for other parts of Central Minnesota include:

Melrose: 5.5 inches

Paynesville: 6.5 inches

Albany: 5.8 inches

Princeton: 11 inches. That seems more accurate.

Brainerd: 5.5 inches

Kimball: 12 inches. Would've been a good weekend for Powder Ridge to be open.

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Bonus video of how I spent my snowed-in weekend! 

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