Remember awhile back when Martha Stewart shared with us all that she was giving online dating a try? Well she narrowed it down from over 1,000 to two men, Larry and Stan, and went on dates with both. So . . . we all want to know, how did the dates go, Martha?!

Well, let's let her interview with Matt Lauer do the sharing:

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I say good for you Martha! I love that she isn't hiding the fact that she's on an online dating website. It's 2013 and technology rules the world. I tried online dating a few times, and it was never successful for myself. I went on a few dates, but just never found the right one that way. I know many couples, some that are now married, who met their other half on a dating website. So go Martha! I hope you find love again!!

Have you tried online dating? Has it been successful?

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