Yesterday I had my first bridesmaid dress shopping experience! My best friend from college gets married this coming May and the clock is ticking! There is a lot to get done in the next 6-ish months! She has a total of five bridesmaids in her party, three that live in Minnesota, one in Texas and one in Ecuador, South America! With us all spread out it has been hard to find a time to all go dress shopping, so the ones in MN decided to do it this weekend before we all get crazy with holiday plans!

We went to David's Bridal in Richfield this weekend. The bride, Darcy, had picked out a few dresses online that she liked as well as the colors she liked them in. Darcy unfortunately couldn't come shopping because she works in Roseau (basically Canada) but she trusted her sister Oakley to be our fearless leader! 

When we showed the consultant what dress style we wanted she reassured us that they had it in stock, unfortunately though there was one problem. Darcy wanted the dresses to be an Emerald green, and that color had been discontinued. Panic ensued. A bunch of frantic phone calls, texts and snap chats were made to tell Darcy that she needed to change the color of her bridesmaid dresses! Can you imagine getting that call?! After a while Darcy decided on her fall back color of Pewter Gray, and all is right in the world.

Needless to say my first bridesmaid experience is one I will definitely remember!

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