I think it's safe to say pickles are the new pineapple.

A video featuring a dill pickle pizza by a Minnesota pizzeria has taken the world by storm and divided pizza lovers everywhere.

The pizza, named "It's Kind Of A Big Dill," is made by QC Pizza in Mahtomedi. Inspired by "Minnesota sushi" -- or pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham -- the pizza is a combination of homemade smoked ham, pickles, cheese and garlic dill sauce.

The video featuring the pizza was shared by Foodbeast and has garnered nearly 12 million views on Facebook.

Naturally, pickle enthusiasts are all about it.

"My curiosity would love to try it. However, I would try many kinds of pickles to find JUST the right one," commented one fan on Facebook.

Others, however, aren't fans of the idea.

"This is almost as gross as pineapple on pizza," commented another.

If you're interested in trying Minnesota's (in)famous pickle pizza for yourself, you can find QC Pizza at 3150 Century Ave N in Mahtomedi.

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