Not many Minnesotans can say they've hand-fed a common loon...not many beside this guy, that is.

TikTok user UnreelMinnesota (aka Michael Wallace) was recently out fishing on the lake when he caught something truly unreal on camera. In the first of two videos, Wallace can be seen moving his fishing rod back and forth across the water as a common loon -- Minnesota's state bird -- follows his jig just below the surface.

"Are you filming this?" he asks the person holding the camera. "What? What?! This is insane!" he laughs as the loon continues to follow gracefully, trying to catch his bait.

"This loon followed my jig in," flashes across the video. "After that he hung out around the boat." Wallace then had an idea, which he directs viewers to his second video for.

In the next video, Wallace can be seen holding a fish and dipping it into the water over the edge of the boat. The loon sits quietly nearby, observing.

The words "So, I caught a bass..." flash across the screen as he continues dipping the fish into the water. The loon swims a little closer, seems to think about it, then dives under the water, approaching Wallace and grabbing the fish from his hand before diving under again and disappearing.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" laugh Wallace and the person holding the camera.

The first video was seen by just over 8100 viewers; the second, however, has 196k views. According to Live Science, common loons are not social birds, typically keeping to themselves during the day.

What do you think -- is that pretty wild or what?

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