It's a...blueberry!

From colored car exhaust to smoke-filled golf balls, glitter-filled balloons to colored cake, the internet is full of creative gender reveals.

While my friend's recent gender reveal wasn't necessarily a new idea, it certainly had a special Minnesota flair to it!

My old college buddy Evan and his wife Steph were in Two Harbors over the weekend and made a stop at Betty's Pies. This wasn't just a normal stop for pie, though...

"What kind of pie would you like?" their waitress asked, according to a Facebook post.

"It depends on this envelope that tells if our baby is a BOY or GIRL," was their answer, "blueberry for a boy and bumbleberry (red) for a girl!"

Watch the video below (select "Watch on Facebook") to find out what kind of pie their waitress came back with!

Congrats to Evan and Steph and kudos for a fun, truly Minnesotan gender reveal!

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