Hip hop star Lizzo slayed at Glastonbury last weekend.

The Minnesota-based artist -- backed by her "big girls" and DJ Sophia Eris -- performed "Juice" to a crowd of thousands.

In a video posted by BBC Music, Lizzo riles the crowd up, "Are you ready for the juice, Glasgow?! Everybody clap your hands and stomp your feet. It want you to sing this song like it's f-ing yours!"

The comments section sings Lizzo's praises.

"Lizzo is a national treasure. Every time I see her perform I fall in love with her all over again!" says one.

"Damn girl leave some confidence for the rest of us!" comments another.

She'll continue touring Europe before returning Stateside mid-July. Lizzo's next Minnesota performances are scheduled for October 9 and 11 at The Armory.

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