We all grew up hearing about "Minnesota Nice". It's a great concept. Minnesota neighbors, friends and even strangers going out of their way to help others.  Nice concept, right?

I've witnessed examples many times and it always warms my heart. Several times over the years, at the lake cabin, I've seen neighbors helping neighbors.

I've watched neighbors lend a hand putting in docks and boat lifts all down the beach. Neighbors coming out with chainsaws in hand to help clean up downed trees after a big storm.

Once, had a friend who's car broke down and her way to a funeral a few hundred miles away. It was a Saturday and she really needed to be at this funeral of a close family member.

Not only did a stranger stop to make sure she was okay but he actually called a friend that owned an auto repair shop nearby and got him to send a tow truck and open his shop, on a Saturday, to fix my friend's car and get her back on the road.

One time I was standing in line at a local grocery store and the lady, with 3 young children, had her credit card declined and was about to leave without the groceries she probably desperately needed. The guy behind her in line, without hesitation, stepped up and asked the cashier to put the ladies groceries on his card. The lady actually broke down and cried at his generosity.

Most of us could go on and on with similar stories of Minnesota nice.

This video may seem a bit exaggerated to a lot of us, but believe me, this kind of people really do exist in Minnesota.

Check out the video below. It's going to make you chuckle or maybe even laugh out out.

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