Watch as a sportscaster on a Texas TV station makes some really great points about why we should all just zip it about Michael Sam.

Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen rips his colleagues for their comments about openly gay Mizzou football player Michael Sam who will be entering the NFL draft this spring.

This is brilliant.

I also just want to add that it makes me sick when celebrities, music artists and other secular news media outlets (Fox, CNN, MSNBC; etc.) paint all conservatives and Christians as bigots, racists and homophobes.


What you see on those television programs is a talking head. They don't speak for everyone. If you want to know how I feel about it, ask me. Don't ask Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh. Ask me and I will tell you that the love of Christ is for ALL. God does not disapprove of anyone. He made us in his likeness and image and we were made the way we were supposed to be created. White, black, gay and all.