I had a great Memorial Weekend with my family despite being sick with a cold. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday. My husband went golfing and I decided to take my son to the park all day.

We tried out a new park for the first time close to our house in Sartell. At first, we were the only ones at the park, so naturally, I was my 1 1/2-year-old's only playmate. He loves running...it doesn't matter where we are. He also loves being chased...he thinks it's funny.


A family with 4 children, older than my son Charlie, biked to the park together. They started playing on the playground while their parents were sitting on a bench. I noticed that their parents kept staring at me and Charlie, but I didn't think anything of it...until they started making comments to me.

The man on the bench, who I'm guessing is the father of the 4 children, said 'I see who is calling the shots today'. I looked at him, laughed and replied 'always.' I took it very light hearted...at first.

Then, the comments kept pouring in. It started to become obvious that he was poking fun at me for being what he thought was 'a helicopter parent.' My son isn't even two yet. Of course I'm going to follow him around at the park.

He also asked me, 'do you think maybe he'd stop running away from you if you stopped following him around?'

It was such a weird comment. I was trying to mind my own business and play with my son.

Charlie was crying because he ended up climbing too high on the play set and wanted to come down. The man on the bench called over to me and said he thought it was probably time for me to take him home and put him down for a nap. It was just bizarre. At this point, Charlie and I left that park and went to one closer to our house.

I thought it was kind of rude...I can't tell if I was shamed for being what he thought was a helicopter parent or if this guy was just too opinionated for his own good.

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