We've been hearing about how some grocery and big box stores are starting to cease the use of single use plastic bags around the country.  Up to now, MOSTLY happening in states like California and Arizona.  But now, there are more states that are beginning to adopt this practice all in the effort to improve the environment.

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Walmart just announced that they will not stop the use of single use plastic bags in New York and Colorado. Not only that, but they are implementing a 10 cent bag fee to provide a recycled bag.  This is to encourage customers to bring their own bags or be forced to pay a bit extra.

 Starting Jan. 1, 2023, stores in Colorado will begin charging a 10-cent fee per bag, to provide customers with a recycled paper or single-use plastic bag as part of a statewide mandate. The mandate was put in place by the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act which was signed into law in July 2021.

Honestly, if that was me, and I didn't have my own bag, I would just treat it like it was Costco or Sam's Club and just opt to not use a bag.  Probably wouldn't be the best idea for smaller items, so maybe just get a bag and pay the 10 cents for that one bag.

The problem is... if you have ever shopped at Walmart... that they tend to put about 2-3 items in a bag.  Then move onto the next one.  That could get pricey.

Is this happening in Minnesota?  Short answer is no... not YET.  But you can see the writing on the wall and it's going to be implemented to more and more states and soon you can probably expect that change to be happening soon-ish.

Time to stock up on some reusable bags.

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